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tv   France 24  LINKTV  February 16, 2015 5:30am-6:01am PST

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denmark. airstrikes from egypt hit islamic state group targets in libya after a new video came out showing the beheading of 21 coptic christians. ukrainian soldiers are killed in attacks by pro-russian separatists despite a new cease-fire put in place this weekend. also, a scoop for shoppers or a worry for workers?
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the debate in france over shops opening on sundays as lawmakers loosen the rules that banned most retailers from opening their doors. we will look at the effects of the kyoto protocol. ♪ let's start this hour in denmark where police have charged two men arrested sunday in the wake of the attacks in copenhagen. they are thought to have helped the man suspected of shooting dead two people at a free-speech event and a synagogue. the perpetrator was killed in a shootout with police in the early hours sunday morning. a look back at the events of the past two days. >> it was in this café on saturday afternoon at 3:30 that a seminar on free speech was
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suddenly and brutally interrupted. a gunman opened fire, killing a 55-year-old filmmaker and wounding three police officers. the shooter's target may have been this man, lars vilks. under police protection, he has received numerous death threats for depicting the prophet mohammed in a cartoon in 2007. also inside, the french ambassador to denmark. he tweeted he was ok moments after the shooting. >> in those moments, you do start thinking, you cannot say that you just stop thinking, you think about the situation and try to analyze things, how we were living, what happened in paris, and that it is the end. >> fears that the shooting was a copycat terrorist attack in line with last month's charlie hebdo killings that targeted journalists, jews and the
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police were sadly confirmed nine hours later when at 1:00 in the morning, a jewish volunteer security guard was shot and killed outside a synagogue. three police officers were also wounded, but survived. just before 5:00 a.m., the alleged shooter, a 22-year-old danish man with a history of violence returned to his home where investigators were waiting. he opened fire and was then shot and killed by police. they believe the gunman acted alone, but handcuffed at least two people at an internet café nearby and brought them in for questioning. >> those two people have now been officially charged, linked to the shooter. let's go to copenhagen to find out a bit more. what more can you tell us about these two suspected accomplices? >> we know very little about them. police are not releasing any details. we know that they have been
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charged with aiding and abetting illegal weapons and disposing of it. we know that they have been charged as being an accomplice of a homicide and an accomplice of homicide attempts. after the charges were read aloud and the two men pleaded not guilty, the court decided that the rest should be behind closed doors so at the moment, we don't know how long they will be detained for. >> one of the targets in the attack over the weekend was a synagogue. what has been done to ensure that the jewish people in denmark are safe? >> all danish schoolchildren have returned to school today after their winter break. but not the jewish children of copenhagen. their school has been closed down for security reasons and it will remain closed until further notice. police have been telling the jewish community that they do not think the jewish school in
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copenhagen is a safe place to be at the moment. >> thank you so much. those attacks and denmark, let left her a month -- in denmark come a little than a month after the attacks in paris. here is more. >> outside copenhagen's synagogue, a sea of flowers grows bigger and bigger. among those paying their respects is the danish prime minister. >> we are fighting terrorism. we are doing it at home in denmark and in the rest of the world and we will continue to do so. this reminds us that there are some people that want bad things for denmark and their neighbors -- our neighbors. we have to show that we are fighting back. >> across the city, there is a
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widespread sense of shock that this could happen in a country like denmark that prides itself on a reputation for safety and tolerance. this woman was in -- giving a speech at the free-speech event where the gunman burst in. >> everyone was coming to me and saying, thank you, and this is how we should all act. >> the danish islamic council was quick to condemn the attack. >> what more can we do? we can do more than look at the context and the debate going on in society that people should be excluded. it is an attitude more and more. if you sense young people are becoming distant, you should respond to that, so they don't embrace this type of radicalism. >> like others in europe
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scandinavia leaders have become increasingly concerned about the radicalization of young people. >> here in france, there was another anti-somatic act of hundreds -- anti-soemetic act as hundreds of graves were vandalized. >> the republic loves all of its children and i won't let anyone spread doubt as to what the republic stands for. this is something on which i am on flexible -- inflexible and i will not abide by what is said in israel about jews not belonging in europe. it is our job to make sure that all the jews of france and all french citizens are safe and are treated with respect and dignity. >> french president francois
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hollande there. egypt wants the us-led coalition to continue it strikes in libya one day after the is group released a video showing the mass beheading of 21 coptic christian egyptians in libya. egypt quickly responded by bombing several is targets in libya. >> a night mission to avenge the bloodshed. early on monday morning, the egyptian military confirmed on state television that the fighter jets carried out airstrikes in neighboring libya. their target was the weapons caches and training camp's of the jihadists that released the video showing they had beheaded 21 coptic christians. >> we are confirming that the strikes were to avenge the beheadings and seek retribution on the criminal killers.
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egyptians have a shield that protects them and a sword that cuts off terrorism. >> hours earlier on sunday night, the president of egypt addressed the nation after a video of the beheadings was released. despite a large number of egyptians working in libya, he urged egyptians not to travel there and reaffirmed egypt's right to avenge the killings. libya's air force said they carried out airstrikes as well. in the video, one of the islamists said the jihadist group, which is sought -- thought to be an affiliate of the islamic state group, said they are ready to conquer rome. libya is 350 kilometers from italy. on sunday, matteo renzi's defense minister called for an international coalition to stop the jihadist group from gaining ground in libya. >> the victims were kidnapped
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weeks ago in libya. >> 21 christian egyptian men marched to their deaths, forced to kneel, and then beheaded. murdered, according to the islamic state propaganda video because of their religion. the men were kidnapped in december by militants loyal to the islamic state group and they were all laborers who had come to libya for work. a part of the video was already released three days ago. since friday, relatives of the men have protested in cairo. they were calling on the government to do more to secure the release of the men. >> if egypt was powerful, these men would have returned the next day. they are not in libya for tourism. these people want to libya to work and earn some money. >> libya has long attracted
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egyptian workers, but following the country's civil war, militant groups of overrun key cities like benghazi and tripoli. last february, several christian egyptians were shot dead on a beach in eastern libya. >> the ukrainian army says at least four soldiers have been killed in attacks by pro-russian separatists despite a new cease-fire put in place this weekend. both the ukrainian government and russian backed rebels are accusing each other of violating the truce. while it does seem to be holding in parts of the region, luke brown tells us that many think it will never last. >> a rare calm in eastern ukraine. by and large, the cease-fire is holding. around the region of debaltseve the guns of not quite fallen silent. separatist artillery still
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targeting government positions with mortar fire, a provocation for the ukrainian soldiers. >> a cease-fire has been signed and we have orders to respect it. did you hear that? >> despite the isolated explosions the frontline is undeniably quieter than in recent days. the nearby towns encouraged by the truce residents take stock of the damage and emerge from shelters. >> it is ukraine that did this. there was a big explosion. grandma was thrown across the room. there were no soldiers here.
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only civilians. >> here in this town, the vast majority of the residents stayed behind and they blame the government in kiev for the destruction. >> look what they have done. they have killed children. there is no such thing a safer ukraine. i am ashamed of this crazy country. >> they are not human. president poroshenko should behave until every last fascists is killed. we cannot forgive them. hang them. >> the sound of artillery fire still punctures the air. for weeks, the residents have been living underground in makeshift shelters that are increasingly permanent.
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>> i served this country for 41 years and now i have been kicked out of my home. what did i do to deserve this? i worked all my life to end up in a cellar. >> few here believe the truth is anything -- truce is anything but temporary. most will continue to sleep in their shelters despite the cease-fire. >> you are watching "france 24." two men are charged, linked to the shootings in denmark. they were arrested yesterday after two people were killed in attacks on a free speech event and a synagogue. airstrikes from egypt hit islamic state group targets in libya after a new video comes out showing the beheading of 21 coptic christians. hundreds of jewish graves are vandalized at a cemetery in eastern france. the french president called the
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act barbaric. time now for the business news. stephen carroll is with us. let's start with greece. they're going for round two with the eurozone colleagues. >> we had round one last week. they held an emergency meeting last wednesday. little progress was made that meeting. the greek finance minister said that both sides understood each other much better afterwards and that he is pushing for what is being called a bridging deal for greece, which would allow athens up to six months to renegotiate its overall debt plan. many eurozone colleagues are against that, notably germany. the german finance minister is very skeptical. they favor extending greece's bailout program instead. that would mean that the greek government would have to implement reforms that they have pledged to abandon. the greek prime minister
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expected talks today to be difficult, but that he was full of confidence that some progress might be made. >> how are the markets reacting to all of that? >> investors in greece are worried about this. we have had a pretty rocky couple of weeks. a massive plunge running up to the elections. we are down 4% today. the rear for your -- real fear is what might happen to their access to emergency funding. ecb's meeting to discuss this on wednesday. as for the rest of the european markets, we have seen this issue taking its toll. the french telecoms are up. >> changes are being made to the
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laws on stores being open on sunday in france. >> a very controversial issue in france. members of the lower house of parliament approved changes that would loosen the rules about shop openings on sunday. this is part of a wider law divided -- to boost france's economy. >> keen to shop on sunday in paris? until now, you would be out of luck. that is set to change thanks to the economy minister. the sunday openings are just part of larger job generating measures. shops will number allowed to open for 12 sundays instead of five. the new rules will also create international tourist zones where all shops can stay open every sunday. they will also be allowed to stay open until midnight during
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the week. there would be for such zones in paris, including the golden triangle. >> it will create jobs, as well as provide additional purchasing power to employees and allow more people, french and foreigners, to shop. i think it is a winner. >> critics see it as an attack on the country's way of life. >> if the major chainsaws are open on sundays, thousands of jobs and the local stores that bring life to local neighborhoods will disappear. with unemployment at record highs, the government needs to create more jobs. paris's chamber of commerce says the measure will do just that. the union of professional craftsman says it will put
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225,000 jobs at risk. working the new sunday and late shift would be voluntary and staff would be eligible for extra benefits. >> let's take a look at some of the other top business stories. an internet security firm says up to $1 billion may have been stolen from banks as part of a two-year long cyber attack. they are investigating phishing attacks on top bank officials. the travel website sky scanner says revenues jumped by 40% last year. the financial times reports that is down from last year's results when earnings doubled. the 5 billion euro contract to sell 24 french built jets in egypt is due to be signed later today. the jets are made by gasol
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aviation. the deal will be finalized later today. >> chinese -- >> this is a campaign by the british tourist authority to attract more of the lucrative chinese tourist market to the country. they launched a competition to give people a chance to give their own nicknames. scotland's highland games has been dubbed the strongman skirt party. [laughter] britain is hoping to boost the revenues in chinese tourism to one billion euros. chinese tourists spend four times more than other
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tourists. >> thank you so much. time for the press review. ♪ we have oliver with us to take a look at today's papers. the trouble and copenhagen is getting a lot of attention around the world. >> that's right. "we are danes" is the updated slogan. denmark was prepared for the attack and this shows the limits of the preparations against terrorism.
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the killers want to tear european societies apart and frighten them using the terrorist threat, which is by definition unpredictable. they say we must stand together remembering the spirit of the republican rally on the 11th of january, not giving in to fear. it criticizes benjamin netanyahu, the israeli prime minister, who called on european jews to take refuge in israel. the papers say that is worrying. to flee would be to give in to terrorism. >> there has been a lot of talk about who the alleged killer in copenhagen was. >> one headline reads the copenhagen was struck by the same blow. it says that the man named by the danish media was a 22-year-old by the name of omar el-hussein. a danish national who had been recently released from prison. apparently danish media are reporting that he had been trying to re-create the january
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attacks in paris with similar targets, cartoonists, the jewish community, police. the honor of democracy lies in not painting everyone with the same brush. >> and france, there were worrying events over the weekend. >> there are worries of rising social tension. 300 graves desecrated in a do wish -- jewish send them a terry -- cemetery in the east of france. the cemetery has been attacked before, in 1988 some 60 headstones were knocked over and in 2001, 54 graves were vandalized. >> let's go back to denmark
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where the papers are covering these attacks over the weekend. >> the left-leaning paper leads with the headline, a denmark that we did not know. it says the country is a changed place after the double murder. denmark will answer in the way it, by tolerance. that is what the prime minister said. danish jews have been shaken by the killing of the security guard and says they will be protected. there may be a backlash amongst dana's muslims. -- danish muslims. this book to any mom -- they spoekke to an imam who said that one idiot should not be allowed to win over 300,000 danish muslims.
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policeman bringing bouquets of flowers to the scene of the first attack. a new kind of war is the headline. >> let's wrap up on something a little bit lighter. this week is going to mark the chinese new year. in some asian companies -- countries, expected mothers have decided to take matters into their own hands. >> mothers want to get it over with before the lunar year ends. it is partly to avoid being stuck in holiday -- hospital over the four-day holiday, but babies born in the year of the horse are believed to be more vigorous than those born in the euro of the goat, which starts next week. one fortuneteller is also quoted as saying that some parents are keen to have the babies before hand so that they will get cash gifts from relatives, all of which can defray the cost of having a baby. hong kong is now one of the most
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expensive places in the world to have a child. >> thank you so much for that look at the press. if you wante?w?w
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